Highly attractive investment opportunity combining a reliable cash generating business model with social impact

Industrial Partners

Digital ID service offering to secure the competitive advantage and generate new revenue streams for your organization

My IDentity Services

Thanks to the decentralized architecture, attributes can be linked to Digital IDs enabling integration with existing business applications

Our company

At Protectoria, we develop and operate a secure cloud based infrastructure, managing digital identities based on decentralised architecture using Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) and blockchain technology. In addition, we integrate our own unique and patent pending proprietary technology for transaction security.
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Our offer

We provide secure services for decentralized identities and enable an end-to-end approach for our partners to establish innovative business models, develop business applications and benefit from a competitive advantage. 

Through our bottom-up approach we empower local governmental services, cooperatives, small businesses and their citizen-customers to become sovereigns in the age of digitalization.

Our services

Our My IDentity Services Platform offers decentralized digital identity services and provides state-of-the-art interfaces to integrate these services into your business applications. 

Digital identity is the backbone of digital transactions. Our SSI and blockchain technology offers the benefit of allowing the user to have control over the use of their own data.

Digital ID services in practice

Our My IDentity Services Platform can protect any type of digital transaction.

From onboarding to authorizing transactions and managing credentials, all of your customers’ interactions are secured, with relevant information processed in a user-friendly and privacy-focused manner.

Mobile Digital Identity

  • KYC Identity Verification
  • Validation of Identity Credentials

Strong Customer Authentication

  • Authorizing card payments with 3DS 2.x
  • Transaction binding
  • PSD2 compliance
  • Out-of-band challenge

Signing a Loan Contract

  • Selection of multiple Signers
  • Validation of Signed Document
Based on My IDentity Services, partners of Protectoria Venture can develop their service offering according to the needs of their respective markets. Digital identification services can be implemented in a wide range of use cases across geographical regions and sectors of the economy. For the Public Administration sector in the Philippines, for instance, Protectoria Global Inc. (PGI) offers Senior Citizen ID & Health ID services, in which the digital identification combines the advantages of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) with excellent user experience.
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