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Digital identity is the backbone of digital transactions. With Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) the user is given control to choose which aspects of their identity, data and certificates they share with third parties, and keep track of shared information. SSI is the resolution to create more mutual trust in the digital world. 

With our My Identity Services Digital IDs can be created for natural persons and for businesses as legal persons, the ID HOLDER. The user manages their digital ID through Protectoria’s MY IDentity app (MYID app). In the case of a legal person, the MYID app is provided to the administrators of the business enabling them to manage the Digital ID of the business stored in a server wallet.

For the usage of the Digital ID in different business applications specific identity attributes such as a Citizen ID, driving licence, social security number or business permit are required by the relying party, the so called VERIFIER. These application data are issued by trusted sources and linked to the Digital ID of the user by the IDENTITY ISSUER with so-called “Verifiable Credentials”.

Protectoria’s proprietary technology – called Protectoria Secure Mobile Platform (PSMP) – guarantees that the credentials when stored in the MYID App are protected at the highest security level while also providing a best-in-class user experience. In addition, the patented display protection mechanism makes sure that the user can always rely on the information displayed on the device. 

Our MY IDentity Services rely on technical standards, open source infrastructure and open APIs for a quick setup and connectivity. Our API oriented infrastructure supports an easy integration of the presentation of the Verifiable Credentials into business transactions. By doing so, digital IDs will enhance the trust in the business relationship and support the growth of decentralized ecosystems where interoperability and open connectivity drive the prosperity of all stakeholders.


Electronic identification means the process of using person identification data in electronic form uniquely representing either a natural or legal person, or a natural person representing a legal person.


Authentication is the mechanism, through which the natural or legal person uses the electronic identification means, to confirm identity to a relying party.


Signatures are data in electronic form uniquely linked to the signatory, controlled by them, enabling the relying party to identify the signatory and to detect any subsequent change in the data signed.
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