Protectoria launches decentralised digital ID with global sales potential for digital ID services.

Protectoria Venture launches today a decentralised digital ID infrastructure platform to be proposed to private firms, public entities and civil society organisations globally as a service, called PV IDaaS (Identity as a Service). The ID platform and the Digital Wallet will be based on newly agreed international standard and self-sovereign identity principles. Protectoria will be able to provide secure, efficient, and interoperable ID services that protect privacy and deliver on trust to efficiently allow rapid digital transformation in a modern society. With this decentralised digital ID infrastructure governments, cities, firms and civil society will be able to handle interactions with citizens, customers, employees and members with mutual trust.

The proposed service called “MY Identity System” including a Digital Wallet “MY ID App”, is based on world class technology and the SSI (self-sovereign identity) principles that is the future-proof digital ID infrastructure delivering both efficiency and security, sovereignty, and privacy altogether. The SSI technology will ensure the sustainability of the infrastructure and create the necessary trust and efficiency allowing every citizen to prove their identity and their credentials or attributes everywhere with a secure Digital Wallet. Protectoria will offer to adapt the technology and the ID services to the client’s needs and design the digital ecosystem with the client in interactive pre-operation phase, before operating the ID infrastructure on long term contracts.

The digital ID platform is truly decentralised and will always be interoperable and aligned with the running standards as published by the Worldwide Web 3 Consortium involving Decentralised Identifiers (DID), Verifiable Credentials (VC) and with the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure and EU laws such as eIDAS2.

Protectoria proposes a portable digital ID infrastructure service delivered on mobile devices that gives the citizen the possibility to prove his identity and his attributes everywhere (“ID in his pocket”.) The core functionalities are identification as well with authentication and signing services and adapted to specific use cases, defined as National ID, Citizen ID, Health ID, Corporate ID, Industrial ID and Association ID.  

Because the decentralised architecture ensures citizens control of their own data, and because our ID is user-friendly, totally secure and portable, we expect massive acceptance by the users. The combination of this and interoperability creates efficiency, save costs, helps user control and accelerate growth, competition and accountability, leading to rapid digital transformation.

Protectoria will offer the following conceptualised decentralised IDs that will be adapted to clients’ preferences, and they would all be interoperable.

The National ID would be offered as a generic sector independent ID service, involving all parts of the economy and would demand governmental decisions to implement laws and framework conditions adapted to the local environment, but with similar features to the EU legislation. This ID would be the fundament of a digital economy for secured transactions and will have numerous applications, extending from identification, authentication allowing payments, legal transactions, voting, tax interactions and provisioning of attributes and benefits. The level of assurance will be defined as high. 

The Citizen ID will handle all digital interaction between a City and its citizens and firms allowing secure transactions, access to information and provisioning of benefits and public services, certificate and tax related interactions. The Citizen ID will be interoperable with the National ID.

The Health ID will provide an integrated digital Health ecosystem for access to health services, sharing of patient data and provisioning of health certificates and prescriptions including payment services. The Health ID will ensure that patient data are protected and create a trusted infrastructure to allow full digitalisation of health services.

The Corporate ID is designed to allow firms to handle with trust and efficiency communication, rights, benefits and legal interactions with customers, employees, suppliers and partners and be immediately compliant with privacy protection laws. This  ID would be independent of and enhance the value of IT assets by allowing a more secure and portable use.  

The Industrial ID is designed to adapt to industry specific needs creating digital ecosystems around the core identity service that are efficient, whether in logistics, finance, service or legal industry. These ID services will also involve providing IDs to objects, in artificial intelligence and to production assets for industrial and commercial purposes.

The Association ID is designed to allow a civil society institution to handle membership, benefits of membership, voting and secure communication in a secure, trusted and efficient process.

With these innovative ID services combined with our world class technology ID infrastructure based on flexible and open-source components that allows to incorporate best technologies available, we will be able to adapt and offer to multiple clients needs. Protectoria will be able to use the client’s core data registers, extract them into the decentralised ID infrastructure, and to integrate with and expand the use of the existing IT assets. Client contract will involve further investments in business application to adapt the generic platform to clients’ needs and assurance level.

Benefits for society and for firms

Protectoria believes – together with several institutions like the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the World Economic Forum that the benefits for society, citizens and firms would be significant. The expanded use of such digital ID infrastructure will reduce cybercrime, facilitate digital transformation, and by creating trust, deliver interoperability, efficiency, and financial inclusion. The secure and trusted feature combined with ease of use and portability will ensure its adoption and the release of significant cost benefits to society.

Protectoria believes PV IDaaS is the digital identity architecture for the next decades fully interoperable with the SSI principles and expects strong market growth near term and long term. With the early mover advantage of a ready to be deployed operable decentralised ID platform, a differentiated business model and a strong team with a clear strategy, we ambition to demonstrate sales, ability to execute and take a leading position in the coming digital ID revolution away from centralised digital ID registers.

The initiation of sales will be offered through close interaction with clients, and supply partners to assess need and build business applications to deliver on the clients’ needs, following further investments. Our focus will be primarily in the ASEAN and execute on sales together with reselling partners and suppliers. Protectoria ambitions to take a leading role in the digital identity revolution and focus currently on sales in the ASEAN region.

More information:

Erik Storelv, CEO (PGI), COO and CFO; erik.storelv@protectoria
Cell phone: +47 465 52 22 00

Trond Lemberg, CEO; trond.lemberg@protectoria
Cell phone: + 47 414 87 310