Business Innovation

We have developed secure services for decentralized identities with the aim to facilitate the creation and foster the growth of sustainable companies. Based on innovative business models, these companies are well equipped to realize the related market potential along the value chain in the domains of finance, public services, and healthcare. 

In a B-to-B-to-B-to-C value chain we enable our partners to act as a service provider towards organisations using customized identity services in their customer relationship.

We help our customers to reduce their business and compliance risks when implementing new interruptive value propositions.

  • We support our customers in setting up the complete business model including the related documentation needed to attract investors to participate in the venture.
  • We transform the business model into a functional prototype based on customer-oriented business processes.

With the help of our network of strategic partners, we transform prototypes into minimum viable products that are mature to be rolled out to the market. 

How we do it

The approach for creating new business offerings has changed over the years. The software development process faces an extremely complex challenge: In the beginning there is much uncertainty about the market and the customer needs and multiple stakeholders have different understandings of the matter.

With our user centric methodology based on Design Thinking we support our clients finding solid and reliable business offerings in a short term.

When building a prototype, we create functional software which translates business requirements into a concrete solution, demonstrating in practice how our services will be integrated into the business applications of our partners and customers. 

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