Protectoria Venture nominated “Top Ten Digital Identity Solution Provider in Europe” by Enterprise Security Magazine

The Enterprise Security Magazine, a US based publication focused on security for enterprises, nominated Protectoria Venture among the “Top Ten Digital Identity Solution Providers in Europe”.  The report will be published in the December issue of the publication. 

The methodology applied to the candidate selection was based on nominations provided by the magazine’s subscribers and a subsequent assessment by the publication’s in-house research team. The final decision was taken by an evaluation panel with editors and external consultants or clients.  

According to the publication, “the secure display technology and the mobile wallet together with the decentralized digital identity architecture provide solutions to pressing cybersecurity problems with digital identities”.  

What was also emphasized by the experts while evaluating the Protectoria solution, was that “Protectoria Venture can effectively protect any type of digital transaction”. The highest level of protection is enabled by the Protectoria My IDentity System, including the Secure Display mechanism and the decentralized digital identity technology platform based on Self-Sovereign Identity technology with security by design. 

Protectoria Venture technology was developed in Europe and it is aligned with EU standards of digital identity. At the same time, it  addresses the needs of the fast-paced ASEAN market. 

The Protectoria contract to operate a decentralized digital infrastructure for Quezon City in the Philippines is one of the first implementations of Self-Sovereign-Identity-based digital ID services in the ASEAN region. It will be delivered as an end-to-end digital infrastructure with a user-friendly cloud-based ‘custodian’ service. It provides numerous benefits to all stakeholders, such as interoperability, security, privacy and reliability. 

According to Trond Lemberg, the CEO of Protectoria Venture,  “Protectoria Venture is well positioned, with operations of secure digital identity services expected in 2024 to seize market growth when regulation is clarified and the industry consolidates under a technology choice”. 

Mr Lemberg expects the digital identity technology of choice to be the Self Sovereign Identity framework. Accordingly, the Protectoria management decided on a technology roadmap that will allow a positioning to seize market segments in Europe within the next few years. 

Mr Lemberg also states that “(Protectoria) intends to offer generic and customized digital identity services to assist Member States in their efforts to efficiently deliver the security quality on the level of Assurance Substantial to e.g. service citizens from 3rd countries outside EU/EEA.”. This opens the way to further growth. 

In this context, the nomination by the Enterprise Security Magazine can be seen as a recognition of the breadth of the Protectoria digital identity service offering and the company’s position in the fast growing market.  

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About Protectoria Venture AS 

Protectoria Venture AS is a Norwegian company with offices in Oslo and Berlin which develops and operates secure cloud based services for issuing and verifying decentralized digital identities, the My IDentities Services. Together with its local partners Protectoria Venture creates sustainable business models empowering local governmental services, cooperatives, small businesses and their citizen-customers to become sovereigns in the age of digitalization.

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Mobile phone: + 47 414 87 310

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