Trond Lemberg is appointed President of Protectoria Global Inc. in Manila

We are happy to announce that Trond Lemberg has been appointed President of Protectoria Global Inc. in Manila. 

Trond Lemberg, founder of Protectoria Venture AS, Norway, created Protectoria Global Inc. in 2018 with the aim to define new business opportunities especially in the ASEAN markets based on the secure infrastructure of Protectoria Venture. 

Trond has now taken over as the President of Protectoria Global Inc., while the former leader of Protectoria Global Inc., Atty Pierre Martin D. Reyes has taken the position of Corporate Secretary and acts as part of the legal counsel. The change was effective from the 23rd of June 2022.

Trond has 30 years of experience in public key infrastructure, banking technology and information security technology and it is his ambition to develop innovations that enable public services to become more effective and more user-friendly for citizens and businesses.

About Protectoria Global Inc. 

Protectoria Global Incorporated, (PGI) is a Philippine company with offices in Manila, 100% owned by Protectoria Venture AS (PV) which aims to benefit from a first mover advantage to to take a leading position in the fast growing market for decentralized digital identities. 

PGI aims at a market leading position for these services in the Philippines. PGI has secured the exclusivity to resell Protectoria Venture’s My IDentity Services for the Philippines, which is the underlying infrastructure of the services to be integrated. PGI has a vision to “empower people to become sovereign citizens”. 

Protectoria Global Inc. is developing a Health ID, which is an ecosystem that can verify the authenticity of a vaccine, identify the recipient of the vaccination and the person that has provided the vaccination, documenting all vaccinations in an online record by respecting the privacy of the Citizen. 

Another use case is the Digital Senior Citizen ID in the Philippines enabling Senior Citizens to use their Senior Citizen card online in e-commerce transactions and apply online for subsidies provided by the government. Acceptance points can automate the calculation of the 20% discount, and other government mandated benefits, and optimize their business processes. And it allows local government units to analyse the transactions recorded into the digital booklets. Furthermore, this Digital ID can be used by all citizens to get access to online services offered by their city.

About Protectoria Venture AS 

Protectoria Venture AS is a Norwegian company with offices in Oslo and Berlin which develops and operates secure cloud based services for issuing and verifying decentralized digital identities, the My IDentities Services. Together with its local partners Protectoria Venture creates sustainable business models empowering local governmental services, cooperatives, small businesses and their citizen-customers to become sovereigns in the age of digitalization.

More information: 

Trond Lemberg, President:

Mobile phone: + 47 414 87 310

Erik Storelv, Board Member:

Mobile phone: +47 46 52 22 00